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Free couple’s sock with the purchase of a sex toy!

Dive in and conquer new territory in pleasure. At We-Vibe, we believe that sex toys promote intimacy, bringing couples together and giving fun and orgasms to all. Try something new!

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  1. -5%
    We-Vibe Chorus
    Couples Vibrator
    As low as $189.05 Regular Price $199
  2. -5%
    We-Vibe Nova 2
    Rabbit vibrator
    Special Price $141.55 Regular Price $149
  3. -25%
    We-Vibe Sync
    Best selling couples vibrator
    As low as $149 Regular Price $199
  4. -5%
    We-Vibe Melt-Midnight Blue
    Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator
    As low as $141.55 Regular Price $149
  5. -5%
    We-Vibe Tango X
    Intense bullet vibrator
    As low as $75.05 Regular Price $79
  6. -5%
    Silver Delights Collection
    We-Vibe x Womanizer pleasure set
    Special Price $217.55 Regular Price $229
  7. -5%
    We-Vibe Touch X Crave Coral
    Powerful mini massager
    As low as $94.05 Regular Price $99
  8. -5%
    We-Vibe Moxie
    Wearable panty vibrator
    As low as $122.55 Regular Price $129
  9. -20%
    We-Vibe Touch
    Classic mini massager
    Special Price $79 Regular Price $99
  10. -5%
    We-Vibe Verge
    Vibrating perineum stimulator
    Special Price $113.05 Regular Price $119
  11. -5%
    Golden Moments Collection
    We-Vibe X Womanizer premium set
    Special Price $284.05 Regular Price $299
  12. -5%
    We-Vibe Jive Electric Pink
    Wearable G-spot vibrator
    As low as $113.05 Regular Price $119
  13. -5%
    We-Vibe Pivot
    Vibrating couples ring
    Special Price $103.55 Regular Price $109
  14. -5%
    We-Vibe Rave
    Unique G-spot vibrator
    Special Price $113.05 Regular Price $119
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    Holiday Collection
    Sync & Touch Combo Set
    As low as $149.50 Regular Price $299
  16. -50%
    Anniversary Collection
    Sync & Tango combo set
    As low as $139.50 Regular Price $279
  17. -39%
    The Two-To-Tango Collection 
    Sync & Tango Couples’ Set
    $169 Regular Price $279
  18. -5%
    We-Vibe WV50 Black
    Beginner’s couples vibrator
    As low as $61.75 Regular Price $65
  19. -25%
    We-Vibe Tango
    Classic bullet vibrator
    As low as $59 Regular Price $79
  20. -5%
    We-Vibe Wand
    Powerful wand massager
    Special Price $170.05 Regular Price $179
    Out of stock
  21. -5%
    We-Vibe Unite
    Classic couples vibrator
    Special Price $94.05 Regular Price $99
  22. -5%
    We-Vibe Nova
    Rabbit vibrator
    Special Price $141.55 Regular Price $149
    Out of stock
  23. -5%
    We-Vibe Bond
    Wearable stimulation ring
    Special Price $122.55 Regular Price $129
  24. -5%
    We-Vibe Match
    Wearable couples vibrator
    Special Price $132.05 Regular Price $139
  25. -5%
    Discover Gift Box
    Collection Box
    Special Price $236.55 Regular Price $249
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    We-Vibe Ditto
    Vibrating anal plug
    As low as $122.55 Regular Price $129
  27. -5%
    We-Vibe Bloom
    Vibrating kegel balls
    Special Price $113.05 Regular Price $119
  28. -5%
    Date Night Set
    Special edition couple’s vibrator set
    Special Price $189.05 Regular Price $199
  29. -5%
    We-Vibe Vector
    Vibrating prostate massager
    Special Price $132.05 Regular Price $139
  30. -29%
    The Power Couple Collection
    Ion & Sync Couples’ Pleasure Set
    $279 Regular Price $398
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    The Two’s Company Collection
    Classic & Touch clitoral Set
    $149 Regular Price $208
    Out of stock
31 Items
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Sex toys can bring so much to our pleasure, our sense of exploration, even our sense of self. Finding sex toys online – especially well-made ones that are worth the money – can be difficult. Check out We-Vibe's range of sex toys for all bodies, whether coupled or solo.

How To Find Good Sex Toys Online

What to look for when buying sex toys online? There are a few things that are super important. 

  • Quality materials: We-Vibe toys are made from smooth, hygienic silicone, making them durable, silky soft on the skin and easy to clean. This non-porous material won’t trap any bacteria inside, making silicone the perfect material for such intimate use. 
  • Rechargeable: No need for the time and expense of replacement batteries – all We-Vibe sex toys are rechargeable, giving 2 hours of play from a single full charge. 
  • Easy to use: We-Vibe sex toys have a simple button system and most also feature app connectivity – this offers a wide range of fun options such as controlling settings over distance for long-distance partnered fun, switching vibration pattern modes easily with the tap of a screen, and customizing your own vibrations. 
  • Power and design: There’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of cash on a new sex toy, only to find that it has pathetic vibrations, shoddy craftsmanship or an inadequate battery life. We-Vibe products have top quality motors for smooth vibrations ranging from gentle to intense, which all run at a whisper quiet volume, meaning that your toy will always be discreet – even if you can’t be.

Types of Sex Toys  

There are a whole bunch of different sex toy options and vibrators available but your standard variety can mostly be broken down into a few categories –  rabbit vibrators, clitoral stimulators, G-Spot vibrators, cock rings and anal sex toys. We have something to offer in every category - see below for the delicious choices... 

Sex Toys For Women  

Most sex toys for women stimulate either the clitoris, the G-spot (inside the vagina) or both - like a rabbit vibrator. Check out our sex toys for women below. 

Clitoral Vibrators 

The clitoris is the center of pleasure in a woman’s body, with thousands of nerve endings ready to bring you to an impressive climax. Clitoral vibrators include: 

  • Mini bullet vibe
  • Mini massager vibe
  • Large, powerful wand vibrator
  • Clit suction sex toy
  • Discreet wearable vibrator

G-Spot Vibrators 

The G-Spot, located a few centimeters inside the vagina, provides incredible sensations when stimulated, especially when paired with clitoral stimulation. G-Spot vibrators include: 

  • Small, discreet, wearable G-Spot vibrator
  • Egg-shaped vibrator for Kegels exercises

Rabbit Vibrators 

The rabbit vibrator is a classic design but We-Vibe's Nova 2 goes beyond the classic rabbit vibrator. Perfectly shaped for internal stimulation while the external arm guarantees constant contact with the clitoris even during your wildest thrusting, Nova 2 is the ultimate masturbation tool. 

Sex Toys For Men  

There is a big selection of vibrating cock ring toys for men, out there as well as anal sex toys that can be enjoyed by any gender. Male sex toys must be of high quality, ergonomically designed and offer delicious vibrations to those sensitive erogenous zones. 

Vibrating Cock Rings  

  • Designed to be worn around the shaft during penetration, a classic penis ring provides vibrations for both clitoral and penis stimulation during intercourse.
  • There are some vibrating cock ring out there, that are slightly different. For example We-Vibe Verge: This one goes over both the shaft and the testicles. Verge enhances and prolongs erection while also having an extra arm that sends vibrations into the perineum (or the “taint” as you may more commonly hear) for added sensation during coupled or solo play. 

Anal Toys 

Anal sex toys can be used by anyone, regardless of gender or body shape. When you are looking for anal vibrators, you should go with quality options. For example, toys that can be used as classic butt plugs – or switched on to enjoy as an anal vibrator. 

  • There are smaller classically shaped butt plug. These little wonder slides comfortably into the anus to deliver delicious vibrations. Simple and effective, a great option for a newcomer to butt stuff. Make sure, you use water-based lube! 
  • Prostate stimulators are vibrating anal plugs. But they are shaped, to also stimulate the prostate. Some high quality models also do have an extension arm that stimulates the perineum. This frequently forgotten erogenous zone is the small patch of skin between the genitals and the anus, the stimulation of which can add pleasurable sensations to other sexual activity. 

Sex Toys For Couples

While all We-Vibe sex toys are designed to be used during couples play, we are also famous for – and very proud of – our unique C-shape couples vibrator. This slim toy adds some incredible hands-free clitoral stimulation during penetration. One slim arm slips into the vagina and the other rests on the clitoris to provide delicious vibrations during intercourse that can be enjoyed by both partners. The ground-breaking shape and design is perfect for adding an extra dimension to couples play, and can be controlled by squeeze remote or smartphone app so you can change settings quickly and easily, even in the heat of the moment.