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    We-Vibe Verge
    Vibrating perineum stimulator
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    We-Vibe Pivot
    Vibrating couples ring
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Everything You Need to Know About Penis Stimulation

As one of the most erogenous places on the body, stimulating the penis is a very common source of pleasure. But can use a toy to help here? Let’s find out!

What toys are best for penis stimulation?

As a very sensitive part of the body, it is important to treat the penis and penile stimulation with care. When you are shopping for toys, consider flexibility and adaptability.

Essentially, you want a toy that will fit your body rather than something you will need to force your body to fit. With this in mind, cock or penis rings are a popular choice. With stretchy materials, these rings are placed around the base of the penis (and sometimes testicles too) and restrict blood flow from the penis. This ensures that your erection will last longer, and it can also act as an extra stimulator during sex.

Can you use penis stimulation toys with a partner?

Yes, it depends of course but there are a few toys that can offer penis stimulation during sex.

A great example is Pivot by We-Vibe. This penis ring is placed on the penis once it is already erect and restricts blood flow from the shaft. On the top section of the ring you can find a vibrating panel which lines up with the clitoris of your partner. This way, both partners can enjoy that extra buzz during penetrative sex.

Can I use a penis stimulation toy remotely?

There are few penis stimulators that are app-enabled, which means they can be controlled remotely.

We-Vibe's range includes two penis rings, both of which can be controlled via smartphone over the We-Connect app. This not only means your partner can control the toy remotely, but the app can also be used to create custom vibes and settings.