All Toys for Him

All Toys for Him

Male Sex Toys

We-Vibe offers a range of male sex toys to enhance pleasure and orgasms for men. Try a vibrating cock ring or anal stimulator for intense sensations you’ve never felt before. Do you dare?

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    We-Vibe Vector+ Charcoal Black  Prostate massager
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    We-Vibe DItto+ Pink Pink Vibrating anal plug
  3. Arcwave Pow - Blue Blue Premium manual stroker with Suction Control and a smooth CleanTech silicone sleeve.
  4. Arcwave Ghost-Blue Blue Reusable skin-soft silicone toy with a trick up its sleeve.
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    We-Vibe Ditto Purple Purple Vibrating anal plug
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Are male sex toys worth it? Well, yes, in a word... but then, we would say that, wouldn’t we? Seriously though, sex toys can add a whole new dimension to your sex life and it’s fun to try out new sensations that can give stronger, longer and more interesting orgasms. Read on to find out more.

All of our male sex toys are:  

  • Made with high quality silicone: this durable material is long-lasting, easy to clean and feels silky soft on the skin 
  • Easy to use: With simple buttons or simple use through our free smartphone app or remote control, our toys are pure pleasure at the touch of a button.
  • Waterproof (IPX7): Take your We-Vibe toy in the bath or the shower or any wet & wild situation knowing that it’ll be safe and satisfying for both you and your toy. 
  • Rechargeable: No fuss, no replacing dead batteries: simply recharge your toy with the USB charging cable provided. Easy!
  • Hygienic: the non-porous surface won’t absorb bacteria, so simply wash with soap and water or use a specially formulated toy cleaner.

Vibrating Sex Toys for him

If you buy male sex toys from us you can guarantee that they are made of high quality silicone, app-enabled for easy vibration control, IPX7 waterproof so they’re safe and easy to clean, and most of all, powered by intense, thrilling vibrations! Many of our vibrators are hands free sex toys for him, so you can get them into position and use with ease – pair with our free smartphone app so that you – or a partner – can control the vibration pattern modes. Check out our selection of vibrating male sex toys below. 

How to use a vibrator on a man?

Cock Rings  

Cock rings help to enhance and prolong an erection by mildly restricting blood flow to the penis, making you harder for longer. Our cock rings have a twist though – they give out delicious vibrations that both the wearer and a partner can enjoy. 

We-Vibe Pivot is our classic vibrating cock ring, with powerful vibrations available in 8 different vibration pattern modes so you can mix up the sensations. Worn around the shaft of the penis, this ring easily slips between partners and is great for providing clitoral and penis stimulation during penetration. 

We-Vibe Verge is a different type of cock ring – this one slips over both the penis and the testicles, with an ergonomic extension that stimulates the perineum (commonly known as the “taint”). This often-overlooked erogenous zone can really heighten pleasure and offer a new sensation for a different slant on the standard orgasm. Use during partnered play or solo stroking for that added dimension to your sexual repertoire. 

Anal Toys  

Anal stimulation is a great option for any gender, but men have the advantage as the sensitive prostate (or “male G-Spot") is a highly pleasurable erogenous zone located in the male anus. Try out either of our anal toys for some blissful anal stimulation

We-Vibe Ditto is a carefully designed anal plug for maximum comfort and satisfaction. For men, an anal plug helps to stimulate the prostate – sometimes referred to as “the male G-Spot" - and creates powerful orgasms. Why not explore anal stimulation with such an intense erogenous zone waiting for you, built into your body? Our plug  has 10 different vibration pattern modes and is perfectly shaped to fit to your body, so simply apply a little water-based lubricant – such as our silky smooth lube – and slip it into the anus. This toy can be used simply as a butt plug or turned on and used as an anal vibrator, either during solo masturbation or during sex with a partner. 

We-Vibe Vector is a vibrating butt plug with a little something extra. It’s smoothly curved to slide comfortably into the anus, while also featuring an additional stimulation arm, massaging both the prostate and the perineum (the “taint”) simultaneously for a full and exciting sensation. Coupled with partnered play or solo stroking, this male sex toy can really add something extra.