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All You Need to Know About Sex Toy Accessories

What sex toy accessories are you missing from your collection? From cleaners to spare chargers, let’s find out what you need to keep your toy in perfect condition!

Where can you find sex toy accessories?

One of the best things about the latest toys is the option to have a remote control. Having the ability to control your toy from across the room or even just from a comfortable lying position is a total gamechanger.

But what happens when you lose your remote? The first stop should be the online store for that brand, for example, We-Vibe has a dedicated accessories section which includes a range of spare remotes for their toys.

What other sex toy accessories do I need?

The other accessories that should always be in your collection is a spare charging cable. Whether you just want to leave one at your partner’s house or to have one for travel, a spare charging cable can be a lifesaver when you get to your destination and realize you forgot to charge your toys!

Another important thing to remember is to avoid bending your cords and cables around surfaces. Placing additional strain on the cable may cause it to fray and require replacing sooner than otherwise necessary.

Should my sex toy accessories include a toy cleaner?

One of the most important accessories you need for your collection is a good cleaner. If you prefer to use a dedicated cleaning product for your toys, it is important to make sure it has disinfectant properties but is not so harsh that it affects your toy materials.

We recommend We-Vibe Clean, which gently cleans your toys and will have them ready to play ASAP.