Sex Toys For Couples

We-Vibe puts couples first with our selection of the most exciting sex toys for couples, including remote sex toys for long distance relationships. Discover how to spice things up and heighten your pleasure – whether together or apart. On Cyber Week Sale Now!

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    We-Vibe Bond
    Wearable stimulation ring
    Special Price $103.20 Regular Price $129
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    We-Vibe Sync
    Best selling couples vibrator
    As low as $119 Regular Price $199
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    We-Vibe Moxie
    Wearable panty vibrator
    As low as $103.20 Regular Price $129
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    We-Vibe Chorus
    Couples Vibrator
    As low as $159.20 Regular Price $199
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    Holiday Collection
    Sync & Touch Combo Set
    As low as $179 Regular Price $298
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    The Power Couple Collection
    Ion & Sync Couples’ Pleasure Set
    $279 Regular Price $398
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    The Two’s Company Collection
    Classic & Touch clitoral Set
    $149 Regular Price $228
    Out of stock
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     The Ins-And-Outs Collection
    Sync & InsideOut Partner-Set
    $199 Regular Price $398
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    We-Vibe Touch X Crave Coral
    Powerful mini massager
    As low as $79.20 Regular Price $99
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    We-Vibe Tango
    Classic bullet vibrator
    As low as $49 Regular Price $79
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    Anniversary Collection
    Sync & Tango combo set
    As low as $139 Regular Price $279
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    We-Vibe Jive Electric Pink
    Wearable G-spot vibrator
    As low as $95.20 Regular Price $119
  13. -20%
    We-Vibe Pivot
    Vibrating couples ring
    Special Price $87.20 Regular Price $109
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    We-Vibe Melt-Midnight Blue
    Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator
    As low as $119.20 Regular Price $149
  15. -30%
    We-Vibe Touch
    Classic mini massager
    Special Price $69 Regular Price $99
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    We-Vibe Tango X
    Intense bullet vibrator
    As low as $63.20 Regular Price $79
  17. -20%
    We-Vibe Ditto
    Vibrating anal plug
    As low as $103.20 Regular Price $129
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    We-Vibe Wand
    Powerful wand massager
    Special Price $143.20 Regular Price $179
    Out of stock
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    We-Vibe Verge
    Vibrating perineum stimulator
    Special Price $95.20 Regular Price $119
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    Silver Delights Collection
    We-Vibe x Womanizer pleasure set
    Special Price $183.20 Regular Price $229
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    We-Vibe Unite
    Classic couples vibrator
    Special Price $79.20 Regular Price $99
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    We-Vibe Nova
    Rabbit vibrator
    Special Price $89 Regular Price $149
    Out of stock
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    We-Vibe Nova 2
    Rabbit vibrator
    Special Price $119.20 Regular Price $149
  24. -20%
    We-Vibe Vector
    Vibrating prostate massager
    Special Price $111.20 Regular Price $139
  25. -20%
    We-Vibe Match
    Wearable couples vibrator
    Special Price $111.20 Regular Price $139
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    Golden Moments Collection
    We-Vibe X Womanizer premium set
    Special Price $239 Regular Price $299
    Out of stock
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    We-Vibe Rave
    Unique G-spot vibrator
    Special Price $95.20 Regular Price $119
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    We-Vibe WV50 Black
    Beginner’s couples vibrator
    As low as $52 Regular Price $65
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    Discover Gift Box
    Collection Box
    Special Price $199.20 Regular Price $249
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    We-Vibe Wish
    PowerPulse clitoral vibrator
    Special Price $69 Regular Price $129
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30 Items
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How to Choose the Best Sex Toys for Couples 

Incorporating toys into partner play is a great way to take the excitement and pleasure to a new level. One of the best things about connecting with a partner is trying new things together and discovering what turns you on. Before the toy sessions can get started, there are a few important questions to answer first: 

  • Which toy is right for you?
  • How do you know which is the ideal toy for you and your needs? 
  • How do sex toys for couples work?

Don't panic, just check out our guide to sex toys for couples. You're sure to find the perfect toy for you!

Why try sex toys for couples?  

Integrating sex toys into one's love life has become completely normal for most people. They’re a simple and effortless way to add extra sensations and stimulation to your most intimate moments. If you’ve enjoyed using a toy for solo sex, then chances are you’ll like adding one to partner play too. It’s also important to note that you can add toys in at any stage of sex. Some people like to use toys during foreplay, while others enjoy using toys during penetrative sex too.

As the world’s leading producer of innovative couples' toys, We-Vibe is the obvious choice. In addition, We-Vibe is also home to the We-Connect app, which ensures that couples can always be close to each other – even if they are physically separated. 

How to choose your favorite product for couples fun? 

Couples toys include a really broad range of options. From compact stimulators like mini vibrators and bullet vibes to bigger toys like massage wands, there are choices for whatever you like. Anal toys like We-Vibe Vector or We-Vibe Ditto are also popular as couple toys, as they are often integrated into foreplay and sex. Cock rings are also a great toy for couples as they can help sustain erections for longer and add an extra buzz right where you need it. Check out We-Vibe Pivot for a closer look at how cock rings can perform for couples.

How do you use a toy for couples together?  

Whichever toy you choose, We-Vibe is home to the world's first sex toys created specifically for couples and, specifically, the groundbreaking C-shape toys. This means that the vibrator can be inserted vaginally, providing both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The fact that the toy can also be worn during sex means that both will be spoiled by the exciting vibrations. Try it out with We-Vibe Sync or We-Vibe Chorus, probably the most intuitive sex toy in the world. It adapts to your body movements in terms of intensity and allows you to experience unforgettable moments. The most important thing is: You need to have your individual experience with couple vibrators to find out which one is the best for you. 

Tips on how to use app-enabled and remote sex toys for couples 

How exactly you use your couples toy depends, of course, on the toy you've chosen as a couple. For most couples though, a remote vibrator is a good choice because you can enjoy the toy together but also use it during times apart. Long distance sex toys make long distance loving easier than ever!

When it comes to choosing a toy, the couples vibrators from We-Vibe are a versatile choice. Depending on the shape and design, these are usually worn or inserted.  

Enjoying a couples toy is pretty straightforward, but there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Use enough lubricant - and water-based lubricant at that. This is because it is compatible with the medical silicone with which the toys from We-Vibe are coated. 
  • Try it out. Especially if you are not so experienced in using couple vibrators, the motto is: Don't be discouraged. Even if the first time of use was perhaps a bit bumpy and complicated, with each time it becomes more exciting. So keep getting involved and find out together what you like. 
  • Don't rely solely on the toy. Couple vibrators are there to give you an extra dose of pleasure. Whether your sex is fulfilling or not does not depend on the use of a sex toy. Your sex life is great when you talk to each other and share your desires and fantasies. And try them out together. Couple vibrators bring in additional variety. 
  • Always clean your couple vibrators after use. You can simply use lukewarm water, antibacterial soap or special toy cleaner. Please make sure that your toy is really waterproof (or not just splash-proof). If the latter is the case, you should rather use a fresh, damp washcloth for cleaning.

Are C-shaped vibrators the best for couples?

We-Vibe's innovative C-Shape allows dual stimulation for the person wearing the toy vaginally. This means that the vibrations not only pamper the inner walls of the vagina, but the outer vibrating arm simultaneously massages the clitoris. In addition, the penis can be inserted and also feel the deep, intense vibrations.

Couple toys range from Sync to Chorus to Unite. While these toys vary in look and features, each individual model intensifies lovemaking with your partner.

Are app-friendly the best sex toys for long distance couples?  

If the toy is Bluetooth-enabled, such as Chorus by We-Vibe, then both partners can control the toy via their smartphone and the We-Connect app. 

Long-distance relationships can be challenging but staying connected is more than possible than ever before. Do you want to experience tingling togetherness despite the distance? Then the app-controlled couple vibrators from We-Vibe are perfect for you. You have the choice between C-Shape, clitoral stimulator , panty vibrator or wall.  

Thanks to the We-Connect app, you can control all functions of your favorite sex toys for couples  –even if you are on another continent. Perfect for couples who are separated from each other for a short or long time. 

What's more, the app lets you customize your couple vibrators. Create your own vibration patterns. Or let your We-Vibe toy vibrate to the rhythm of your music. Thanks to the integrated video chat function, you don't have to take your eyes off each other and are very close even from a distance.