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Unlock the potential of clitoral stimulation with our best clit stimulators and sex toys for all tastes. Enter a world of unknown pleasure.

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What Is Clitoral Stimulation? 

The clitoris is the only human organ with the sole purpose of giving pleasure – pretty amazing! The clitoris is above the vagina, located in the vulva, and contains thousands of nerve endings that offer incredible pleasure, culminating in climax – the orgasm. There are many ways to stimulate the clitoris – manual masturbation (with the fingers), oral sex (a partner uses their mouth), or using a clitoral stimulation toy or vibrator. See our below. 

What Does Clitoral Stimulation Feel Like?  

Clitoral stimulation is hard to describe to someone who has not experienced it. When done right - and this is different for everyone – it feels like an exquisite form of sexual arousal. That “tingle” you feel between your legs when you see or think of something or someone you find sexy? It’s that feeling, only prolonged, increased and brought to its peak – the orgasm. 

How To Stimulate the Clitoris 

Clitoral stimulation is different for everyone. Some prefer a soft, slow touch, some prefer a more direct, powerful rubbing or massage. It’s best to take the time to find out what you enjoy rather than expect magic the first time... though that can happen! All of our We-Vibe clitoral stimulation toys come with their own guidelines, such as diagrams and instructions on how to use, but using a clitoral vibrator is straightforward and fun to try. Locate the clitoris (above the vagina and urethra (the peehole) and turn on your We-Vibe vibrator. Starting on the lowest setting, apply some water based lubricant – such as these lubricants - to the toy and the clitoris before press the vibrator to the clitoris and surrounding area until you find a position and pressure that feels good for you. Cycle through the different intensity settings and discover the different levels of power available – you may find that you are able to enjoy stronger vibrations the more aroused you become. 

Clit Stim Toys: Which To Choose? 

We-Vibe have many different clitoral stimulation toys, all with several intensity settings and advantages due to their special shape and features. Take a look at the various options below. 

Clit Stimulators  

Classic Bullet Vibrator 

A classic bullet vibe comes with a lipstick shape and gently pointed head for precision use. Perfect for travel and discretion due to its small size. Make sure, you choose a model with a powerful motor. Powerful enough for body-shaking orgasms in a miniature package. Also features your should check: Waterproof (IPX7) and rechargeable, so your bullet vibe is ready when you are.

Versatile Massager Vibrator 

One of the most popular sex toys is a massager vibrator – pressed flat against the clitoris and surrounding area – or applied directly to the clitoris with the curved tip for more precise stimulation. Make sure your lay-on is waterproof (IPX7) so can be used in the bath or shower and is easy to clean. 

Rabbit Vibrator 

A high quality rabbit vibrator is designed for dual stimulation, with two powerful arms that send delicious vibrations to the clitoris and the G spot for an intense blended orgasm. The arms can be controlled separately, so if you want the inside arm to stay still while you apply vibrations to the clitoris (or vice versa) this is possible too. The classic rabbit We-Vibe Nova 2 for example meets We-Vibe's gorgeous high quality design and smooth silicone feel to create an incredible dual stimulation toy. 

Ultra-Powerful Vibrator

Always a good fit is a wand vibrator: this large personal massager can be used for body or clitoral massage. Powerful vibrations and a smooth silicone surface make the Wand body-friendly and mighty. 

Discreet Wearable Vibrator 

If you’re looking for something a little more daring, try a wearable vibrator, also known as panty vibrator. It is a wearable vibrator, nestling comfortably on the clitoris in the underwear and is remote or app controlled, giving your partner the power to send vibrations your way! A great choice for couples trying to connect during periods of long distance, or for discreet, sexy fun in public.

Hands Free Clit Vibrators 

C-shaped couples toys are clitoral stimulation toys designed to be slipped into the vagina during penetration so that both partners can enjoy the vibrations. A slim arm in this “horseshoe” shaped vibrator sits comfortably inside the vagina, while the external vibrator lays flat and snug against the clitoris, giving hands free stimulation during sex with a partner. Perfect for couples looking to add a little something extra to their lovemaking repertoire. 

Pleasure Air 

A phenomenal sensation you may not have tried before. A clit stimulator with changes of air waves is not a vibrator – it's something completely different!

Pleasure Air Toy 

If you want to try a totally unique form of clitoral stimulation, try Melt, which uses Pleasure Air technology to deliver thrilling waves of air and pulsation to the clitoris, creating a gentle yet intense sucking motion that imitates the sensation of oral sex for powerful orgasms. The toy is slim enough to be slipped between partners during penetration, or can be used for solo masturbation for blissful sensations. A great toy to explore the limits of your orgasmic potential.