Anal Plugs

Anal Plugs

Get adventurous! Try a We-Vibe anal plug and enjoy the smooth silicone surface, vibrating sensations and hands-free remote control fun. Anal plugs can be enjoyed by any gender for thrilling sensations and new ways to play.

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How To Use an Anal Plug

Anal plug insertion is easy and straightforward. Simply apply a little water-based lubricant to both the insertable end of the anal plug and the anus before slowly pushing your adult toy inside. Our anal plugs are made from body-safe silicone for easy use and a natural skin feel, while the sturdy base of the anal plug keeps the sex toy comfortably in place for simple removal. If you’re new to anal stimulation, it may feel a little strange pushing the sex toy in or pulling it out, but anal penetration can feel incredible! This can feel especially satisfying when coupled with other sexual activity – either alone or with a partner. Anal toys can be gender neutral or you can find male anal toys and female anal toys. To clean your anal plug, simply wash with soap and water, or use a gentle adult sex toy wash. Many anal plugs are totally waterproof (IPX7) so they can be safely used in the bath or shower and are super easy to clean. 

Are Anal Sex Toys For Women or Men?

We offer a selection of wearable butt plugs suitable for any body type and gender. However, anal plug sensations may differ slightly depending on whether you have a prostate or not. The prostate is a sensitive spot located in the anus of penis owners. When stimulated, the prostate can enhance erection and orgasm. Our male anal toys are designed to target this sensitive erogenous zone for deeply pleasurable experiences. Anal toys for men can also stimulate the perineum for an added layer of pleasure intensity.
Anal adult toys can give a full, satisfying feeling to anyone, heightening orgasm and delivering delicious vibrations for a unique sensation. You may surprise yourself at how quickly anal plugs become a part of your sexual wellness routine.

Classic Anal Plug  

We-Vibe Ditto is the classic anal plug – a satisfying vibrating sex toy made of smooth silicone for easy insertion. Ditto also comes with a remote control and long-distance play capability with the free We-Vibe app. You can change the intensity of the anal plug vibrations easily, even when things get heated up. All around inclusive, Ditto is perfect as a beginner anal plug or to add to your collection of female anal toys and male anal toys. Rechargeable, waterproof (IPX7) and silky to touch, Ditto is a high-quality wearable adult sex toy to spice things up in the bedroom.

Anal Plug Perineum Stimulation 

We-Vibe Vector+ is a twist on the classic anal plug. Vector+ is designed with an external arm that stimulates the perineum – the sensitive area of skin between the anus and the genitals (commonly referred to as the taint). The vibrations and sensations from this special anal plug can be enjoyable for any user regardless of gender, whether male, female or nonbinary. Vector+ will be a welcome addition your collection of sex toys for men, sex toys for women and anal plugs. Use our We-Vibe App or Vector+’s remote control to increase or decrease vibrations for hands-free fun, whether alone or during couple’s play.

Why Choose a Silicone Anal Plug?

Silicone is a perfect, high-quality material for sex toys. It’s body-safe, durable and silky soft to the touch. Our anal plugs are coated in smooth silicone, made without BPA, latex or phthalates. Silicone anal plugs allow smooth insertion and are fully waterproof (IPX7) for extra fun in the bath or shower. Silicone is less porous than other common sex toy materials– such as TPA – and can be fully cleaned and sanitized between uses without harboring any harmful bacteria. Sex toys and anal plugs are for intimate use and should be made from body-friendly, high-quality materials to keep you safe and comfortable. Remember to always use water-based lube with silicone anal plugs.

Why Choose a Vibrating Anal Plug? 

A vibrating anal plug may cost you a little more than a standard non-vibrating one, but it offers so much more bang for your buck. The vibrations that an anal plug delivers begin at a gentle pulse and rev up to an impressive intensity for enjoying many different sensations. Vibrations in the anus carry through to the genitals, enhancing orgasms while giving a satisfying, full feeling inside. Our anal plugs are fully rechargeable and can last for 60 minutes of play from a single complete charge.

Anal Plug Beginners – Do I Need Training? 

While using an anal plug for the first time may feel a little unusual, it can also be a thrilling experience! Choose a smaller, beginner anal plug to start. Always apply a little water-based lube to both the anus and the insertable tip of the anal plug and slowly slide it in.
All of our anal plugs come with instructional guides if you need diagrams or help for your first-time insertion. Some people need to try using an anal plug a few times before they feel comfortable with the sensation of a sex toy in the anus. ‘Training’ with a wearable butt plug simply means taking it slow and going at your own pace.

How Long Can You Wear Anal Plugs?

Understanding your body and listening to its cues is the key to enjoying anal plug play. We generally advise that it’s safe to wear a butt plug for up to two or three hours. Medical advice on ‘how long can you wear an anal plug?’ warns that the anus is a very sensitive area.
An anal plug can apply pressure to your sphincter and anal walls, which can then lead to a decrease in blood flow, potentially causing damage to the area or ulcers. The main issue being that the internal area of the rectum lacks pain receptors, so you may not feel anything is wrong. And it’s unadvisable to ever use one while sleeping.
But let’s get back to the positive side of anal plug play! For the first time, we recommend starting with five to fifteen minutes. Remember, anal plug play is for pleasure, right? So, take your time and go slow. Start in the comfort of your own home and explore how the anal plug feels. Experiment with sitting down, walking around and different forms of movement.
If you feel any pain with your anal plug, remove it immediately and rest. If you have any persistent pain, call your doctor.
Duration also depends on which type of anal plug you’re using. Each time you change the size and shape of your anal plug, repeat this gradual process. Some might be better for longer periods of time, some shorter. You may end up with an assortment of anal plugs to fit different intimate sessions, moods and durations of play. Variation and experimentation with pleasure are effective tools in building sexual wellness into your life.
If you are pregnant, consult a doctor before wearing any kind of anal toy for women. With certain pregnancy conditions such as placenta previa, it’s unadvised to wear anal plugs. If you have hemorrhoids or piles, anal plugs are not recommended either.
How long you can wear an anal plug is an individual, gradual process. But, it’s a pleasurable one.