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The Race to Build the Perfect Couples’ Sex Toy
We-Vibe has been working on a couples’ vibrator for years...
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We-Connect Is The Sex Toy App Your Long-Distance Relationship Needs
We-Vibe has introduced a whole new design for their We-Connect app...
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Confessions of a Backdoor Betty: Exploring Anal Pleasure
This once taboo activity is now enjoyed by plenty of couples....
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The We-book of Delights

Discover our 56-page illustrated guide to discovering sexual pleasures. A warm, playful and inviting approach to exploring sensuality and enhancing stimulation with We-Vibe products.

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"What's the best toy for couples to try together? The We-Vibe 4 Plus ..."

"[It] reminded me of my first Brazilian wax. I was overly aware of that part of my body, and felt like I was walking sex."

"The We-Vibe is AMAZING… you have a knock-your-socks-off-When-Harry-Met-Sally worthy orgasm."

"Here's what happened when I ran errands wearing the remote control vibrator, We-Vibe 4 Plus."

"We Tried It: You Can Now Get Your Partner Off With An App … What I liked most was how much fun my partner was having.."

"Slow day at work? Shoot your partner a text: Wearing the WV, wanna play? You're feeling frisky but you or your paramour is on the road? No worries."

"Fact: 93 percent of women cannot come from penetration alone during sex. Wanna change that, ladies? Try the We-Vibe, a curved couples' vibe"

"The Sexiest Gifts for Women. She gets the presents, but you’ll also join in on the fun."

"One of the greatest things about being in a relationship is getting into a healthy sex groove where you become totally immersed in each other's pleasure."

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