• Touch X:
    The Beauty


If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then behold Touch X, the magic multitasker, can do MORE than meets the eye. By now, most of us know the benefits of an orgasm. It circulates blood, makes skin glow, keeps eyes bright, and nourishes hair. What if there was some kind of tool that can offer pleasure, AND beauty?


Touch X For Puffy Eyes

Touch X stimulates the nerve endings and enhances blood flow. It can reduce puffiness around the eyes. Here is how it works. Ensure your face is clean and dry. Turn Touch X on and choose a medium intensity. Circle Touch X’s pressure pad around your eyes, from outside to inside, including your eyelids. Move Touch X up the bridge of the nose and onto the forehead, following the natural contours of your brow.


Mirror, Mirror on the wall....

...who’s the glowiest, of them all?

Touch X for the Glow-Up

Touch X combines silky-smooth silicone and powerful, reverberating vibrations to help serums glide onto your skin more thoroughly. Here is how it works. Apply a little serum to the tip of Touch X. Select a medium vibration intensity. Ease the serum onto your skin with circular, massaging motions.

Your late-night beauty-call.

Get more out of the magic multitasker.

Level Up Your Concealer Game

We-Vibe Touch X stimulates your blood flow, giving your skin a luminous flow. That’s the perfect base for any makeup application. Mask-looking foundation, be gone! Here is how it works. Apply the concealer to the desired areas. Turn Touch X on and select a medium setting. Massage the concealer into your skin, the vibrations will smooth it in and blend it perfectly.

Looking for more Beauty Inspo?

Discover our complete Beauty Handbook for Touch X and get more, more, MORE....

Touch Up Your Makeup

Touch X is the most versatile pleasure product you’ll ever own, at home with beauty as it is with orgasms. Time to shake up your makeup!