Best Kept Secrets: What can our grandparents teach us about sex?

The right to a fulfilling sex life is universal. Sex is something to be embraced, enjoyed and celebrated. To contribute to the conversation about sex in old age, we’ve produced a series of videos featuring older, sexually active people, as well as international experts. In this first video, we ask, what sex advice can we learn from those older than us?

69 & Up: How The Definition Of Sex Changes With Age

We all think we know exactly what we mean when we say “sex.” Sex is penetration and orgasm. Simple, right? Well, no. Along with expert Joan Price, we discuss that there’s more to sex in later life than positions and styles. It’s about intimacy, companionship, closeness, fun, and sensuality. Sex transcends sex, and we need to talk more about broadening the definition of sex to include all manner of unexpected pleasures.

Assume The Position

Listen to your body, and play to its strengths. Spooning offers the most comfortable and intimate position. Missionary allows eye contact and communication. A seated position is great if one of you requires more support than the other.

Sex Tech: A Revolution In The Bedroom

How can technology help you have better sex after menopause? Can sex toys benefit senior sex? Yes, is the answer. Yes it can. Sorry, we should have said ‘spoiler alert’. We've pulled together some information about which sex toys are best for older people, what benefits they offer to you.