Kegel Exercisers

Kegel Exercisers


Ready for eggs-tasy? We-Vibe egg vibrator toys can help with kegels to strengthen orgasms. Exercise your pelvic floor in the most pleasurable way!

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Kegels: What You Need To Know

If you’re looking to get your Kegels exercises going and strengthen your pelvic floor in the most pleasurable way, We-Vibe has quite the thing for you! We-Vibe Bloom is our specially designed Kegels vibrator – and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about getting started with this powerful, ergonomic Kegels toy.

What are Kegels?

Kegel exercises – or “pelvic floor” exercises – can help to strengthen the pelvic floor, a set of muscles running between the pubic bone and tailbone. The theory is that a strong set of pelvic floor muscles can heighten orgasm. Kegel exercises – named after American gynecologist Arnold Kegel - involve controlled contractions of the pelvic floor muscles. These can be done with no equipment, or more pleasurably, with an egg vibrator, or Kegels vibrator such as We-Vibe Bloom

What is an “Egg Vibrator”  

An egg vibrator is called so because the insertable portion is shaped like an egg, a rounded vibrating ball that can be slid into the vagina for Kegels exercises. These rounded eggs are also known as heads, or sometimes as Ben Wa balls after the hollow jade eggs that, historically, it is said that Chinese women would use to strengthen the vagina and bring the wearer to orgasm. However, not much is known about the origins of this highly mythologized tradition. 

How To Use Egg Vibrator Toys For Kegels

To use an egg vibrator, apply a little water-based lube to both the vagina and the insertable egg of your choice. Push the egg into the vagina for a comfortable fit before using the simple control button to turn the vibrator on and cycle through different vibration pattern modes. With the toy inside, delivering pleasurable vibrations, you may proceed with your Kegel exercises – alternate between tightening and relaxing your internal muscles around the eggs and enjoy the sensations. More advice for different Kegel exercises can be found online. 

Buy Egg Vibrator Toys 

We’re proud of our loving take on the classic egg vibrator toy. Bloom is a smooth silicone vibrator with interchangeable Kegel egg heads, created to make Kegel exercises a pleasure rather than a chore!

Our Ultimate Egg Vibrator For Kegels  

Our egg vibrator is specially designed for Kegels, with three different sized heads depending on which size feels good for your body. The heads (or “eggs”) are interchangeable, so you can increase the size for a fuller sensation. The smooth silicone body feels great on your skin, soft to the touch and silky in the most intimate areas. 


Our Kegels vibrator has 10 different vibration pattern modes so you can cycle through and pick the setting that feels best for your body. The vibrations are designed to make Kegels exercises more pleasurable, sending intense vibrations through the vagina and stimulating the G spot while you clench and contract the muscles around the eggs. A delicious way to work out those powerful muscles.


Our egg vibrator is 100% waterproof (IPX7) so can be used in the bath, shower – or anywhere things are likely to get wet! The waterproof protection combined with the smooth silicone coating means that the toy is incredibly easy to clean. Simply use water and a mild soap – or a specially formulated toy cleaner like this cleaning solution to clean and sanitize your toy before and after each use. 

Low Power Alert  

When you’re in the mood for some good vibrations, the last thing you need is to get stuck waiting for an empty battery to recharge. Our egg vibrator has a low power alert, so that little light will let you know when the toy needs a charge. Simply connect the toy to a power source via the USB cable included in the packaging and give those batteries some juice so it’s ready when you are. 

Great Design  

Our egg vibrator is designed with interchangeable ball-shaped heads in slightly different sizes and weights, meaning that you can swap them around and increase or decrease the intensity of the sensation. The smooth silicone body gives great skinfeel, silky to the touch and feels great when gliding inside to deliver powerful vibrations. 


Convenient and high quality, our egg vibrator delivers powerful vibrations – and you don’t need to worry about running out of power. Buying new batteries is expensive and annoying, so the toy is rechargeable, giving 90 minutes of play on a single charge.

We-Vibe App  

Mix up your Kegels workout routine with 10 different pre-set vibration pattern modes, which can be cycled through on the free We-Vibe App. You can even tune your toy in to music via the app for custom, rhythmic vibrations to your favorite workout songs - how cool is that?