Anal Stimulation

Anal Stimulation

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All you need to know about anal stimulation

While anal sex might be a taboo topic for some, there are a number of pleasure points within the anal region. Stimulating these or engaging in anal play can result in very intense orgasms.

What is anal stimulation

Anal stimulation can vary with anatomy. For people with a clitoris, the nerve system connects the clitoris directly to the anal region. This means that sexual pleasure isn’t limited to clitoral and vaginal stimulation.

While the prostate is a well-known hot spot for many people, it is often underestimated just how powerful this bundle of nerves is. Many men actually report feeling longer and deeper orgasms, when the anal passage is stimulated in addition to the penis.

How do you prepare for anal stimulation

Although more and more people are interested in anal play, there is often some hesitation as there seems to be a lot of preparation required. In fact, the main thing to consider when preparing for anal play is hygiene.

People usually make sure they have a regular bowel movement and then follow that by washing themselves thoroughly. Some also prefer to douche with water, but washing the external anal area with warm soap and water is often enough to ensure you’re ready to go.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable, so keeping yourself clean will help make sure you feel comfortable and confident when you are enjoying anal play solo or with a partner. Some people also like to shave or wax their anal area. Of course, this is a totally personal choice and comes down to what you are comfortable with. The most important thing isn’t whether there is hair or anything, it’s lubricant.

Lubricant will help you enjoy a literally smooth start and you won’t worry about toys catching on hair.

Does anal stimulation always mean anal sex

Of course not. Trying anal play doesn’t mean committing to anal sex and it is important to make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Consent is no joke! Anal play can be foreplay or just having fun without leading to anything else. Ways in which you can try anal play include:

  • Massaging the anal area with your fingers, including internally
  • Rimming or using your tongue to massage the anal area
  • Using a dildo, plug or other anal toys on this area
  • Fisting or inserting your hand in the anus itself