Vaginal Stimulation

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All You Need to Know About Vaginal Stimulation?

The vagina is an incredibly sensitive part of the body, so It makes sense that it is an ideal spot to stimulate during foreplay and partnered sex, as well as solo sex.

By triggering the nerves bundled in this region, people can experience arousal and even reach orgasm. This stimulation can be done by fingers, the penis or other tools like sex toys.

What does vaginal stimulation target?

Vaginal stimulation targets the sensitive region around the vagina. Home to many nerve endings, stimulating the vagina targets these responsive areas to encourage arousal and sexual excitement.

What toys are best for vaginal stimulation?

Vaginal stimulation can be achieved with internal vibrators, including rod-shaped stimulators like Rave by We-Vibe or even wearable stimulators like ben wa balls and egg vibrators. Examples of these include Jive and Bloom by We-Vibe.

Another option is to use a couples toy like We-Vibe Sync, as this not only stimulates the clitoris externally but also the interior vaginal wall too. One of the most popular choices for vaginal stimulation is the rabbit vibrator, as it focuses vibrations on both the clitoris and the internal wall through flexible arms. Take a closer look at Nova 2 by We-Vibe for a better idea of how this works.

What are the benefits of vaginal stimulation?

Vaginal stimulation can lead to vaginal orgasms which are less common than their clitoral counterparts. Vaginal orgasms are not only said to last longer but are also often more intense too.

What position is best for vaginal stimulation?

Vaginal stimulation can be performed with fingers, the penis or toys, so your choice of position is actually quite open. Some people prefer doggy style as this angle encourages the penis to hit the interior wall more accurately, while others prefer being on top so that they can adjust the angle more easily.