Clitoral Stimulation

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  1. We-Vibe Melt
    Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator
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  2. We-Vibe Tango
    Classic bullet vibrator
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  3. We-Vibe Touch X
    Powerful mini massager
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The clitoris is approximately the size of a pea and is located at the top of the vulva, just above the urethra. While it is often just a small part of the genital anatomy, the clitoris is an important source of pleasure and orgasms. Often compared to the penis, the clitoris is a sensitive bundle of nerves and can help bring about orgasms when stimulated. In some people, the clitoris becomes slightly enlarged or swollen with increased blood flow during intimate moments, which makes the tissue on and around the clitoris even more sensitive.

Does size affect clitoral stimulation

Nobody knows for sure. While having a thicker clitoral hood might affect how well you perceive sensation, simply pushing back the hood or trying out different angles can help you enjoy pretty much the same level of stimulation. It might also be that more pressure or more intense stimulations, like vibrations, are what you prefer on an individual level. It’s difficult to say whether the size of the clitoris has any affect, as most of the time it comes down to what you yourself like. Each body is different so working out what suits you when it comes to clitoral stimulation is a matter of exploring your own body.

Does clitoral stimulation affect the G-spot?

The mysterious G-spot is probably an extension of your clitoris. In fact, most researchers believe that it indicates the spot where the clitoris meets the front wall of your vagina. While for most people with vaginas, clitoral stimulation is a reliable way to orgasms. But it is in fact possible to stimulate the clitoris internally too. This can be done separately or in conjunction with external stimulation, depending on what you prefer. Wondering how to locate this spot on your own body? Simply insert your fingers inside yourself and feel around the vaginal wall with alternating pressures. Once you hit a particularly sensitive spot, that is likely your “G-spot” or the back of the clitoris. Of course, this level of stimulation might not make you orgasm, but don’t worry about that. Penetrative orgasms are less common than ones caused by clitoral stimulation.

What toys are best for clitoral stimulation?

When it comes to toys and trying out clitoral stimulation, there are plenty of options. For direct clitoral stimulation there are: • Bullet vibrators (We-Vibe Tango) • Rabbit vibrators (We-Vibe Nova) • Clitoral massagers (We-Vibe Melt) • Couples toys (We-Vibe Chorus) Bullet vibrators are a popular choice as they allow for direct, precision stimulation. However, if you would like some internal stimulation too, perhaps a rabbit vibrator is something to try. For a different sensation altogether, try the gentle suction of the We-Vibe Melt.

What should you be aware of with clitoral stimulation?

A common refrain around masturbation is that you can desensitize your vagina and clitoris from over-stimulating. This is simply not true. While you can indeed cause a temporary numbness, once blood flow has returned to normal, so will your sensations. If you do feel some sort of discomfort or pain, please stop using the toy and check with a doctor, as there may be another issue at play. But in general, being as active as you like shouldn’t be an issue.