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We-Vibe General FAQs

  • Do health professionals endorse your products?
    We-Vibe products are universally embraced as important enablers for healthy sexual relationships. We-Vibe II is a favourite of relationship therapists, sexual health experts and medical professionals worldwide, including Dr. Laura Berman (as featured on the Dr. Oz Show), Dr. Trina Read, Dr. Robin Milhausen (as featured on Steven & Chris TV show) and hundreds of others. They recommend We-Vibe II to any couple seeking to enhance the intimacy and sexual satisfaction of their relationship. We-Vibe II is also recommended as a Kegel exerciser for mothers who have recently given birth or to any woman wanting the many benefits of strengthened Kegel muscles. We-Vibe II has received every major relevant product award and has been featured at numerous prestigious scientific, medical and academic research conferences, including the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS), the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), and the Guelph Sexuality Conference.
  • How do you determine the optimal shape for your products?
    Each massager is artfully sculpted so that vibrations can stimulate with just the right force at the right locations. Given the variety in human anatomy and sensitivity, that means product contours and flexibility need to enable users to easily find their "sweet spots." Overall shape, the location of ridges and the orientation of flat spots need to be just right. Comfort and ease-of-use are also key factors; after all, these are products that are often used in dim light, with slippery, lube-covered hands, in moments of intense excitement! Under these circumstances, people get easily frustrated with products that are difficult or clumsy to hold and operate. All We-Vibe products are designed to be easy to grip and very simple and intuitive to control by touch alone. They enhance the lovemaking experience, rather than interfere with it because of bad design, awkward straps or trailing wires.
  • What is your guiding product design philosophy?
    Every We-Vibe product is developed to have a dramatic positive impact on healthy sexual satisfaction while being of the highest quality, long lasting and completely body-safe. Our product designs spring from a deep understanding of the science and physiology of sexual response and the psychology of intimacy — achieved through painstaking research, product development and testing. As the ultimate in romantic gifts, all We-Vibe products are also designed to be beautiful, nonthreatening, pleasing to touch and operate and elegantly packaged.
  • How do your products provide the most satisfying stimulation possible?
    Vibrating massage products all use a rotating electric motor with an offset weight to generate vibrations. Most use inexpensive stock motors originally designed for cell phones and other applications; their speed and power characteristics have not been designed or tuned for sexual stimulation. Most operate at too high a frequency, creating an irritating high-pitched buzzing sensation. Developing an intimate massager with a more satisfying low frequency rumble across a range of power settings requires custom-engineered, high-quality motors that will operate quietly and not burn out quickly. That means superior bearings, gold contacts, expensive tungsten (not lead!) weights, high-efficiency designs, tight tolerances and uncompromising quality assurance processes. With motors, as with most things, you get what you pay for.
  • How quiet are your products?
    We-Vibe products set the standard for discreet, quiet operation. At full power, they are no louder than low-level conversation in a library.
  • What is the life expectancy of We-Vibe products?
    Unlike many products that burn out after a few months, all We-Vibe products are designed to last for hundreds of charges and many years of enjoyment. They feature high-quality rechargeable batteries and custom-designed, high-power vibrating motors with special bearings and gold-plated contacts.
  • What types of couples enjoy We-Vibe products?
    We-Vibe products are enjoyed by millions of couples, from all walks of life and aged from 18 to over 80 years old. We-Vibe II is the one of the fastest selling sexual wellness products of its type in history. Our products are given as the ultimate intimate gift throughout the year: Christmas, Valentine's, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, prior to romantic vacations, to make-up or just to please one's partner (and oneself!) any time of year.
  • What was the inspiration for the world's most popular couples massager?
    Daydreaming to the hum of his car tires on the asphalt during a long road trip, inventor Bruce Murison wondered why there wasn't a massager that could just slide in between a couple while they made love. That started a journey of another type for Bruce and his wife, Melody. The more Bruce researched, the more he found an industry full of products that were intimidating, poorly designed and cheaply made. Bruce and Melody founded WOW Tech™ Canada Ltd. Corporation and Bruce dedicated himself to the enormous — and enormously important — task of creating safe, high-quality, eco-friendly sexual wellness products that enhance the lovemaking experience for couples. Many years and thousands of design iterations later, the patented, silicone-encased, worn while making love We-Vibe was born. Since then, We-Vibe products have taken the world by storm. They are enjoyed by millions of couples, from all walks of life and aged from 18 to over 80 years old, and have become among the fastest selling sexual wellness products of its type in history.
  • Who is the company behind the We-Vibe products?
    WOW Tech™ Canada Ltd., headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, is the sexual wellness products company that brings you the We-Vibe family of intimate massagers and accessories. All of the design and engineering of our award-winning and patented products is done in Canada. Our mission is to help couples enjoy more pleasure and intimacy by providing beautiful, high-quality, innovative and intimate gifts that are shared in use.
  • Why can't I open the battery compartment on my remote?
    Due to the Australian Consumer Goods (Products Containing Button/coin Batteries) Safety/Information Standards, the remotes were sealed to be compliant. The battery in those remotes can, therefore, not be replaced. In case you need to replace the battery or you have other problems with your remote, please contact the place of purchase or the We-Vibe customer service. We are working on a different solution for newly produced products and will implement it as soon as possible.
  • Is my smartphone/tablet compatible with the We-Vibe App?
    You can enjoy the We‑Vibe App on devices running iOS (11 or newer) or Android (7 or newer) with Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0). The app is not compatible with smartwatches, PC or Mac.
  • Is my toy compatible with the We-Vibe App?
    Single Motor Toys: Bond, Bloom, Ditto, Jive, Melt, Moxie, Pivot, Rave, Verge, Wand, Wish Dual Motor Toys: Chorus, Gala, Nova 1, Nova 2, Sync, Vector, 4 Plus
  • How do I connect my toy(s)?
    Simply open the We-Vibe app and follow the instructions. Please avoid manually adding your toy through the Bluetooth settings of your device. Click on the '+' icon in the toy section select the We-Vibe toy you want to pair and follow the described steps. To put your toy in paring mode, just press and hold down the control button of your We-Vibe toy until it pulses twice. Chorus exception: Chorus must be connected to the Squeeze Remote to pair it with the app. Note for Android users: Disable “Optimize battery” and check whether the We-Vibe App is listed in “Sleeping apps” and take it off that list.
  • What is the maximum Bluetooth range?
    In a range within 10ft/3 meters of the We-Vibe toy, you can expect a stable connection. Make sure that there isn’t any object in the way that can interfere with the signal. In order to maintain the Bluetooth connection, the app must be active.
  • What happens if my toy loses the connection?
    When your toy is disconnected, the app will try to reconnect your toy for 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds ran out and the phone being unable to reconnect, you must connect your toy again. Press and hold the button on the toy until it vibrates twice to activate the pairing mode. To avoid the loss of connection, make sure that there isn’t any object in the way that can interfere with the signal, don’t move the toy out of the Bluetooth range or put the app into the background.
  • What are the different control modes for my toy?
    Each toy offers different control modes. All toys offer the Single Vibe, Multi Vibe and Playlist Mode. Use the bubble to control the intensity or click on the vibe icon to change the vibe in Single or Multi Vibe. You can also Playlist, Touch, Smart Silence and Touch Sense Modes. Notes: Touch Mode is not compatible with Melt, Nova, Rave, Wand, and WV 4 Plus.
  • How do I connect with a partner through the app?
    Make sure the “My Partner” function enabled (find out in the Settings)
    1. Tap the '+' icon in “Long Distance Play"" that will prompt you create a profile for your partner
    2. You can assign a (nick-)name and add a picture before saving
    3. Now, you can send your partner an invitation via WhatsApp, email or SMS and many more
    4. Once your partner clicks the link and accepts the invite, they will be visible to you and you can tap their profile icon to start playing.
  • How can I communicate with my partner through the app?
    You can start a chat or call your partner. During the call you can also enable your cameras with a tap on the camera icon to see each other. You can control your partner’s toy while chatting or having a call. After you gave away toy control, you can always take back control. You can also use the feedback area and let your partner know about your mood. Note: Every communication within the We-Vibe App is end-to-end encrypted.
  • How can I remove my partner?
    You have two options
    1. Delete Partner:
    Go to “Long Distance Play"" and tap the pencil icon. Click the X next to your partner’s name.
    2. Factory Reset: (also removes paired toys, settings, and any created Vibes)
    Go to your settings from the We-Vibe Center by tapping on the top right corner gear icon. Select “Personal Settings”, tap “Factory Reset” before restarting the app.
  • How can I remove my toy?
    Just follow these steps to unpair your We-Vibe toy:
    Go to your connected toy`s Profile
    Select the option to remove the toy from your app
    Lastly, manually remove the toy from your device`s Bluetooth settings
  • Where can I find my OS and app version?
    In the app (OS and app version):
    Click on the Settings wheel (upper right corner on the We-Vibe Center)
    Scroll down and you’ll see the OS and app version.

    On the phone (OS version only):
    iOS: Open Settings, select General and go to About
    Android: Open Settings and go to About phone
  • How can I report a problem with the app?
  • How do I clean my We-Vibe products?
    Simply wash your We-Vibe product with We-Vibe™ Clean – made by pjur® or soap and water after every use. A 10% bleach solution can be used to clean if desired. To avoid battery or motor damage, DO NOT BOIL your We-Vibe products, place them in the dishwasher or subject them to temperatures higher than body temperature.
  • How much can I save in battery costs with your rechargeable products?
    All We-Vibe products feature high-quality rechargeable power systems that are convenient, kind to the environment and save you hundreds of dollars over several years of reliable use compared with cheap products that use replaceable batteries. Our high-quality NiMH batteries have a lifespan of at least 500 discharge cycles and a relatively flat discharge profile to maintain power until the charge is completely depleted, and they demonstrate minimal loss in ability to hold their charge after many cycles. Other products, particularly small devices that consume disposable watch batteries, do not provide sufficient power, require frequent replacement and contribute to landfill congestion with toxic material.
  • What does the mainstream media have to say about your products?
    We-Vibe II has created nothing short of a mainstream media sensation since its introduction. It has been featured on Dr. Oz and other prime time TV and radio shows, covered by the New York Times and reviewed by Oprah.com, Cosmopolitan, GQ and dozens of other international lifestyle magazines. We-Vibe has been featured in the VIP gift packages given to celebrities at the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl and many other major cultural events. Couples at dinner parties all over the world have also talked it about openly.
  • What kind of lubricant can I use with my We-Vibe product?
    For the best experience, we recommend using We-Vibe™ Lube – made by pjur® or a another high-quality, water-based lubricant with We-Vibe® intimate massagers. Here’s what to look for in a quality water-based lubricant: CE-marked medical-grade products Only use water-based lubricants from known manufacturers Dermatologically tested and approved A product free of preservatives, comedogenic oils and perfume additives For We-Vibe II and We-Vibe 3, use plenty of lubricant on the surface that the penis slides against while making love. Use lubricant sparingly on other surfaces so that We-Vibe II will hug securely and comfortably in place during use.
  • Where can I buy a We-Vibe?
    We-Vibe products are proudly sold in thousands of drug stores and fine boutiques in over 50 countries. For wholesale inquiries, Contact Us or one of our Distribution Partners.
  • Can I buy a replacement charger?
    Information about purchasing a replacement charger online (for Customers in the USA and Canada) can be found here. You can also use this contact form or email care@we-vibe.com.
  • What do I do if my We-Vibe will not take a charge?
    In general, ensure that the wall outlet where the charger is plugged in has power available. We-Vibe I: ensure that the switch is in the center-off position, and that the charging pin is inserted completely. Turn or twist the pin a few times to insure good contact is made. Repeat the charging sessions for 24 hrs. We-Vibe II: ensure that the charging pin is inserted completely. Turn or twist the pin a few times to insure good contact is made. Repeat the charging sessions for 24 hrs. We-Vibe Touch/Tango/Salsa: ensure that the magnetic cap is properly aligned and making good contact. Once plugged in, the charger cap will illuminate to indicate that it is charging. If the product still does not take a charge, email customer-care@we-vibe.com or use this contact form (https://www.we-vibe.com/contact)
  • Are We-Vibe products C-Tick-approved?
    Yes, all We-Vibe products comply with electromagnetic compatibility regulations and are C-Tick-approved. C-Tick approval signifies compliance with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) regulations that limit the radio frequency emissions produced by any electrical/electronic product. We-Vibe II has received every major relevant product award and has been featured at numerous prestigious scientific, medical and academic research conferences, including the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS), the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT), and the Guelph Sexuality Conference.
  • Are We-Vibe products REACH-approved?
    Yes, We-Vibe products are made from only the highest quality, body-safe and eco-friendly materials and are fully REACH-approved. Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is an European Union Regulation that addresses the production and use of chemical substances and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.
  • Are We-Vibe products RoHS-compliant?
    Yes, We-Vibe products are made from only the highest quality, body-safe and eco-friendly materials and are fully RoHS-compliant. The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) is a European Union directive that restricts the use of hazardous materials (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ether) in the manufacture of various types of electronic and electrical equipment.
  • Are We-Vibe products WEEE-compliant?
    Yes, we are committed to environmentally safe and sustainable business practices and are WEEE-compliant. Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is a European Union directive that sets collection, recycling and recovery targets for electrical goods and is part of a legislative initiative to solve the problem of huge amounts of toxic e-waste. The directive imposes the responsibility for the disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment on the manufacturers or importers of such equipment. Those companies should establish, or make use of, an infrastructure for collecting WEEE in such a way that "Users of electrical and electronic equipment from private households should have the possibility of returning WEEE at least free of charge." Also, the companies are compelled to use the collected waste in an ecologically friendly manner.
  • How do you ensure that all We-Vibe products are safe for my body?
    All We-Vibe products are completely body-safe, unlike many other products, which may contain high levels of lead, phthalates and other toxic materials. We-Vibe products are made from only the highest quality, safe materials and are covered by 100% body safe silicone or body-safe PC-ABS plastic — the same materials that are approved by the most stringent laws in the world for toys and food containers that are put into the mouths of babies. We use reputable, independent laboratories to thoroughly test all of our products to ensure that they exceed the strictest health and safety standards, including RoHS and REACH. We spend millions of dollars in product design, materials selection and independent testing to make our products among the safest in the world.
  • How do you ensure that your operations are carbon-neutral?
    We are fully committed to environmental sustainability. We design our products, packaging and all of our manufacturing, shipping and operational processes to leave a minimal environmental footprint. We purchase carbon-offset credits to ensure that our global operations are carbon-neutral.
  • Lots of companies claim they use "body safe silicone" or "FDA-approved" materials. Are they all equally safe?
    Consumers need to be aware of misleading claims about product materials. Plastic and silicone products are often touted as "FDA-approved" or "medical grade," but that isn't always the whole story. For example, some companies have claimed their products are made with silicone only to blend that material with other lower quality materials, rendering the final composition impure. If the material gives off any odour, it is not pure silicone and should be avoided. Quality control in the manufacturing and curing process also matters; some silicones require a proper post-cure step to drive out volatile compounds. Sloppy manufacturing can result in an otherwise safe material containing toxic compounds. Another factor in material safety is the use of pigments, additives, paints and other coatings that are applied in the manufacturing process that might overshadow the safety of the base material. Buyers need to beware and only purchase from reputable companies that will answer all of their questions regarding product safety in an honest, straightforward manner. All We-Vibe products are completely body-safe and exceed the strictest consumer safety regulations, such as Europe's RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of CHemicals) directives, which restrict the use of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, various phthalates and a growing list of other substances.
  • What makes We-Vibe so "Eco-Sexy?"
    We are deeply concerned about the environment and are leading the sexual wellness industry with comprehensive, sustainable business practices that span product design and component selection, manufacturing processes, distribution and the responsible recovery, recycling and disposal of our products and their packaging. In addition to reducing our footprint as much as possible, we invest in carbon credit programs to ensure that our entire business is carbon-neutral. We also ensure that we exceed the strictest health and environmental product laws in the world, such as the European Union's WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive, which addresses the problem of toxic e-waste through collection, recycling and recovery programs for electrical and electronic goods.
  • My Sync is difficult to adjust, what should I do?

    Sync is designed to be adjusted to fit you, and then enjoyed. It should be a little stiff so that it stays in your desired position during sex. Sync is fun to play with, but avoid bending it repeatedly or rapidly during one session.

    If you are unable to adjust your Sync, please contact us at care@we-vibe.com.

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