Remote Control Toys

Our best remote control vibrators and app controlled sex toys offer you total control over your pleasure, whenever and wherever you are. Use the remote or our free smartphone app to send good vibrations to a partner, near or far, whether it's a discreet wearable clit vibrator, a teasing body massager or a couples toy worn during sex. 

What's the difference between an app controlled vibrator and a remote control vibrator?

Well, it's an important question! Basically, with a remote control vibrator you can use a small, physical remote control to change the vibrations on a sex toy from across a room. With the app, you can also do this - even across an ocean! The app can do everything a remote control can do and more - and it's free, disreet and easy to use. Think of it as the new generation of remote control fun...

Whether you're looking for an app-controlled or a remote control vibrator, keep scrolling to find the perfect toy:

    • Wearable Vibrators / Vibrating Panties​
    • Sex Toys Worn During Sex ​
    • Vibrators For Foreplay​
    • Long Distance Relationship Sex Toys
    • Vibrators For Solo Play 


Wearable Vibrators

Vibrations to wear & share 
Wearable sex toys such as vibrating panties are great for adventurous couples. Share the good vibrations by sending delicious sensations to your partner – or vice versa – at home or in public.

Take the fun outside
Whisper quiet, waterproof and discreet, we have many wearable vibrators – app controlled vibrating panties, anyone? - that are ready to go whenever and wherever you are. Enjoy al fresco thrills with just a tap of the app or remote control.

Worn During Sex

Hands Free Fun 
Looking to add some spice to your sex life with ease? Try a couples vibrator that's worn during sex! Simply slip the toy into place and turn it on for delicious, effortless vibrations. 

Where to Wear Sex Toys For Couples
We-Vibe has several shapes available, from the groundbreaking C-shape worn during sex, to penis rings and anal toys. All can be controlled with the app, in bed, in the bath, anywhere you feel like it. 


Enjoy the Anticipation 
If you're looking to spice up your foreplay routine, try an app-enabled or remote control vibrator. Wear Moxie for discreet thrills on the go or send delicious vibrations to your partner with a sensual massager like Touch X. The possibilities are limitless... 

The Art of the Tease 
Many of our couples vibrators are perfect for some fiery foreplay. Tantalize your partner with a vibrating penis ring or clitoral stimulator, or spice things up with a butt plug. Find out more about foreplay toys below

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Long Distance Sex Toys​

Come Together
Stay connected in your long distance relationship with an app-enabled sex toy. It's like a remote control vibrator – but it works from anywhere in the world. Tap your smartphone screen to control your partner's pleasure, no matter if you're in a different room or a different country. 

Good Vibes Only
It can be hard to keep sex interesting over distance, but We-Vibe is here to help. We have many toys – from penis rings to clitoral vibrators and butt plugs – that can be controlled over distance via our app. 

Watch Couples Connect With The We-Vibe App ​ ​

Near or far, couples can get closer with We-Vibe. ​

How To Do It Long Distance

    • Set the scene: Agree on a time where you're both available for some fun. Making the effort to connect makes the distance seem less of a challenge. ​

    • Wordplay does wonders: When you're sexting, you can really heat things up by describing exactly what you want to do with (or to) a partner. Don't by shy and get creative!

    • Take your time: It's worth really spending the time to get in the mood and communicate with each other exactly what you want. Don't rush it – all good things come to those who wait...​

Solo Play Sex Toys For Her

Self love is self care, and a little solo play can be enjoyed as part of alone time or getting you and your partner in the mood. Try a rabbit vibrator, a classic bullet vibe or a G-spot stimulator for more fun. We even offer Kegel vibrators or vibrating anal plugs if you're looking for something a little more unusual. Check out our range of solo play sex toys for her and discover a whole new world of self-love and pleasure...

Solo Play Sex Toys For Him

Sex toys for men are a great way to liven up masturbation and keep things interesting. Try a vibrating penis ring, prostate stimulator or anal plug to experience thrilling new sensations. We have a wide variety of toys to stimulate the penis, testicles, anus or perineum that can really add something special to play, whether you're flying solo or connecting with a partner. Take a deep dive into the solo play sex toys for him that are on offer... you may discover something totally new!