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Here, you’ll find our selection of the very best Valentines gifts for him, each one chosen by us to offer the man in your life the most fulfilling pleasure imaginable. From the adventurous We-Vibe Vector to the couple-friendly We-Vibe Pivot, you can make his romantic dreams come true. Take your time: the shopping should be as much a part of the ritual as the intimacy your romantic gift offers. Because if you have fun choosing it, you’ll have fun using it.

More To Play With

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of intimacy, pleasure, and your commitment to connection. We-Vibe’s Valentines Day gifts for him represent the very best we have to offer to help you celebrate that connection, and to rediscover your love of sex and pleasure together. If you value his pleasure, why not share it?

For the man with sophisticated tastes, who wants good sex to last, try the We-Vibe Pivot. Pivot is sensational in every sense: it offers you as much pleasure as it does him, and encourages long, deep sex. It’s a couples’ toy first and foremost, making it an exquisite and sexy Valentine’s gift for him. But more than that, it’s a commitment to shared pleasure. Designed to comfortable enhance all the feelings of sex, it simultaneously vibrates against your clitoris, encouraging fulfilling and breathtaking pleasure. And, perhaps, with practice, a shared orgasm.

Valentines Gifts For Boyfriends

If you’re looking for a gift that he can treasure and use alone as well as during sex, then his chariot has arrived: there is simply no finer sexy Valentine’s gift for a man that the We-Vibe Verge. It’s a thing of beauty, and of pleasure, perfect for the man with sophisticated sexual tastes.

In short, Verge is designed to stimulate his perineum during any kind of sexual activity. But it also helps to prolong sex and masturbation, and to enhance the sensations of sexual contact all at the same time. It must surely be the ultimate intimate gift for men, and if you’re looking to enhance your intimacy this Valentine’s Day, there’s nothing better.


Romantic Valentine’s Gifts For Him

For more adventurous men, for men who really understand their pleasure and know how to harness it, consider the We-Vibe Vector. It’s a luxurious prostate massager that opens the door to a universe of breathtaking new orgasms, the likes of which he might not have ever experienced before. The overwhelmingly pleasurable Vector features a remote control, as well as compatibility with the popular We-Vibe App, allowing you to be an active participant on his orgasmic journey.

Alternatively, We-Vibe’s Ditto is a more conventional plug-style vibe, that can offer increasing levels of hands-free pleasure.

Valentine’s Day is about intimacy, but it’s also the one day of the year when we should celebrate lust, and desire. When you present your We-Vibe Valentines gift for him, be sure to include a handwritten note that tells him how excited you are to use it together, and all the sexy possibilities that lie ahead for the evening.

Make an evening of fantasy and fulfillment, and adventure and exploration. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than a willing partner who wants you as much as you want them.

Good Gifts For Him

Valentine’s day goes beyond the physical, though. Of course, an intimate and romantic gift like a We-Vibe sex toy is a fantastic romantic idea, but Valentine’s Day is about the feeling, not just the gift. To create the perfect Valentine’s Day atmosphere, why not add in the following ideas to set the mood:

  • Order food in, so neither of you have to stress over dinner
  • Create a romantic playlist and play it softly in the background
  • Turn off the lights and light some scented candles
  • Grab a bottle of wine or two
  • Spend some time just being present with each other
  • No distractions, no phones, just closeness and warmth

Now that sounds like a good Valentine’s Day gift for him to us…

Men can be tricky to buy intimate gifts for, and often they might not know what they want for until they see it. So if you’re looking for romantic Valentine’s gifts for men, there’s never been a better time to surprise him with something fun, playful, and incredibly pleasurable. And the best part? You’ll get to enjoy it together. Check out our Valentine's gifts.