Kegel Exercisers

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  1. We-Vibe Bloom
    Vibrating kegel balls
  2. We-Vibe Jive
    Wearable G-spot vibrator
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All You Need to Know About Kegel Balls

Kegel balls are one of the most versatile sex toys around. Not only do these stimulate the internal walls of the vagina, but they can also be used for strengthening the Kegel muscles or pelvic floor.

Do Kegel balls improve your sex life?

While Kegel balls are a common purchase for people looking to strengthen their pelvic floors after injury or effects of childbirth, the secondary benefit of Kegel balls is that they can actually lead to more intense orgasms.

Additionally, it’s not only the Kegel balls themselves that can heighten sexual excitement, but also the secretive, risky pleasure that some people derive from wearing them in public.

What is the best material for Kegel balls?

As a toy that is inserted vaginally, it is really important to make sure that you are using premium quality materials.

Toys like Bloom by We-Vibe feature medical-grade, non-porous silicone, which is one of the safest, most hygienic options available. This material is also really easy to clean, so you know your toy is free of any bacteria or germs before insertion.

Is it important for Kegel balls to have a string?

While it is possible to remove Kegel balls without a string, an extra loop of the material makes using your Kegel balls a lot easier. With just a quick tug, you can remove your Kegel balls safely and quickly.

Should Kegel balls be large?

Kegel balls can actually be quite small and still have an impact. The weighted nature of the balls causes them to move inside you and this is what causes the internal workout. Check out Bloom by We-Vibe for a better idea of what size Kegel balls should be.