Wand Massager

Wand Massager

Ah, the We-Vibe Wand Massager. A true classic vibrator – immensely powerful and versatile for super intense orgasms. Find your magic Wand...

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The wand massager is a vital addition to any sex toy collection. Ultra-powerful, simple to use and deeply satisfying, here’s our guide to this sexy classic!

What Is A Wand Massager?

A wand massager is a large-size, powerful vibrator that can be used in a number of ways, making it versatile. Its long handle means that you can apply those delicious vibrations to the clitoris for intense orgasms, or use it to massage your own back or other hard-to-reach places.

How To Use A Wand Massager?

To use our wand massager, simply charge using the charging points and the USB charging cable provided. A full charge takes 90 minutes, yielding two hours of play. Turn on the wand massager by pressing the power button. You can then increase or decrease the intensity of the vibrations using the control button, as well as change the rhythm of the vibrations using the pattern mode button. The wand has a large, rounded head which is great for providing powerful, broad stimulation to the clitoris and surrounding area. Many sex toys for women have more sharply angled heads for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, while the Wand has a flatter, silky smooth head to give satisfying vibrations to stimulate a larger area of the vulva. Some find that very precise clitoral stimulation is “too much” and prefer the broader vibrations of the wand.

It’s a good idea to sample a few sex toys to find out what is best for you and your body – give each toy a few tries to work out what you’re looking for and what you like. The wand also comes with different head attachments – Fluttery and Stroke – for different sensations to the clitoris. These attachments simply clip on and off the head with ease, adding variety to your self-love repertoire. While the wand massager is versatile for solo use, it’s also a great addition to partner play. The long handle and powerful, broad stimulation head means that the wand can be used for clitoral stimulation in a number of different positions, adding delicious vibrations into the mix during penetration or other partnered sexual activity.

Remember to use lubrication, such as our water-based lube. It’s very important to use a water-based lubricant with high-quality silicone sex toys.

Why Cordless & Electric Is Better

There’s no need for bulky cables or inconvenient power sockets with our wand. This model is ultra powerful, running on a high quality rechargeable lithium ion battery. Simply charge the wand using the USB cable provided – a full charge takes 90 minutes and yields two hours of play. The wand is easy to handle, ergonomic to the body and delivers satisfying vibrations at many different intensity levels. It’s the ultimate cordless electric wand massager.

Our Wand: Product Features Guide

OK, so you know how to use a wand massager - now choose a really, really good one! We’re proud of our Wand, which takes this classic sex toy design and vamps it up with high quality materials and awesome features for maximum pleasure. Check out the improved features that make this THE wand massager for both solo and coupled play.

Wand Massager attachments

This cordless wand massager comes with two different stimulation heads – one fluttery and focused, the other stroking and smooth. Simply clip the playful attachments on and off the wand’s head to enjoy different sensations with ease.

Smart Silence

One cool feature of this wand is the Smart Silence function – the toy senses when the toy is close to your skin, turning the vibrations off when you move it away from you. This conserves the battery – and cuts out unnecessary noise – when the toy is not in use.


Silicone is a fantastic choice of material for a sex toy – high quality and durable while also being silky smooth to touch and gentle on skin, it feels and looks great, offering a soft, pleasurable surface that lasts. Our silicone is free from phthalates and BPA and made without latex, making it ultra gentle on the skin.

Easy Controls

Our wand has simple controls – one joystick-inspired control to flick through intensity settings with ease, even during the heat of the moment. One power button and one button dedicated to switching vibration pattern modes are also easy to use, customizing your settings at the touch of a button.


The smooth, silicone cordless wand massager is waterproof (IPX7) meaning that it can be enjoyed in the bath or the shower as well as in bed. Get wet & wild, knowing that your toy will not be damaged, no matter how slippery things get! The waterproof quality also makes the wand super easy to clean – simply wash with soap and water, or more thoroughly with a specially formulated toy cleaner such as our toy cleaner.


Control the wand with our free smartphone app, letting you easily cycle through settings by tapping your phone screen. This also means that couples over long distance can connect through play, or you can customize your vibrations by programming the toy to vibe along to your favorite tunes.