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Everything you need to know about cheap sex toys

Premium quality toys are now affordable and accessible. However, rather than go for the cheapest items you can find, it is worth checking materials and toy features – it might be worth investing just a few more dollars and finding yourself a toy that will last.

Why are cheap sex toys risky?

While online platforms have cheap, copycat models, it is often a risk buying these toys. You can often find stories online about faulty toys, some have even overheated and become a safety issue.

It’s a fact that quality needs investment and We-Vibe takes pride in providing high-quality materials, safe toys and innovative features. While prices are still comparatively low, the range offers luxury toys that will stand the test of time.

Why are rechargeable toys better than cheap sex toys?

The best thing about rechargeable toys is that you can actually save a lot of money by not buying batteries. Each We-Vibe toy features high-quality rechargeable batteries that are convenient, sustainable and save you hundreds of dollars over several years of reliable use.

Compared with cheap products that use replaceable batteries, We-vibe’s high-quality NiMH batteries have a standard lifespan of around 500 cycles. Additionally, they demonstrate minimal loss in ability to hold their charge after many cycles.

Why should I avoid cheap sex toys?

Aside from the safety and quality risks associated with the materials of cheap toys, there may also be issues with the toy’s function itself. Overheating motors and susceptibility to water-damage are just two of the most common issues.

Rather than go for the cheapest option you can find, save time and money later by investing in a toy that won’t break and need to be replaced within a short period.