Worn During Sex

Worn During Sex

Guide to Using Sex Toys During Sex

We-Vibe knows that toys should be versatile to be enjoyed however you like – even during sex. With the innovative range of C-shaped toys and compact vibrators, there are finally toys that can seamlessly integrate into your partner play.

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All You Need to Know About Using Sex Toys During Sex

Are you interested in adding a little extra oomph to your partner play? Toys that are designed to be used during sex are a great way to add extra stimulation and excitement to your routines. As more couples discover the fun of having sex and using toys, there are more and more options available. We-Vibe has a range of choices to uncover, including toys for people that have a penis or for people that have a clitoris or vagina. Before you decide on which toy to try first, check out our guide to finding the best toy for you and what you like. Once you have figured it out, you can choose from a few different categories.

What are the best types of sex toys during sex?

  • Clitoral Vibrators
  • Penis Rings
  • Anal Stimulation
  • Couples Toys

Why should you try?

Whether you’re hooking up for the first time or long-term partners, using toys during sex has become more and more commonplace. With the huge range of options available now, you can find something that will integrate seamlessly into your most intimate moments. Some people like to use clit vibrators during sex and foreplay, while for others, penis rings are the right choice. We-Vibe's versatile and huge range has options that can boost foreplay with exciting external stimulation, as well as internal toys that can share the good vibes – literally. The main reasons for trying sex toys during sex is that it’s a quick and effective way of increasing the excitement and fun in reconnecting.

Which options are best for to start using toys during sex?

As we mentioned above, there really is a world of choice when it comes to toys. To help you decide on what would suit you best, have a think about which spots on your body are most sensitive. If you absolutely love nipple play, then an all-over body massager like a high quality and powerful wand vibrator or even a versatile bullet vibrator are the perfect choice. They can get your nerves tingling with their intense vibrations! If you’re interested in anal play, why not try a vibrating anal plug. These are the perfect option when you are looking for extra stimulation and can be used alongside vaginal penetration too. If your partner has a penis, there are also penis rings to consider – especially ones with extra vibrators attached. But make sure, the rings are extra flexible and comfortable. 

Which are best for couples?

Whichever toy you choose, it should be one that is simple enough and small enough to add into your partner play without any clunky adjustments. But is there a toy that stimulates both partners AND can be used during penetrative sex? Meet the C-shaped vibrator. With dual vibrators, these toys are inserted vaginally and send deep rumbling vibrations around the G-spot area AND stimulate the penis too. In addition, the second vibrator is external and rests directly on the clitoris. There a few choices of C-shaped toys in the We-Vibe range and some even feature a remote control. But how does a toy with a remote control work? Let’s find out!

Tips on using remote control and other toys 

Using a remote control toy is a great way to enjoy the toy without needing to wriggle around whenever you need to hit a hard to reach button. Need to switch up the intensity? Just press a button on the paired remote. Even if your toy doesn’t come with a remote, there are also some toys that are app-friendly and can be paired with your phone – thus making your phone the remote.

Most We-Vibe toys for example tick this box and can usually be controlled via the free We-Vibe App. For couples vibrators, one of the most exciting remote control options is the We-Vibe Chorus. This C-shaped couples toy comes with an innovative squeeze remote, which is as intuitive as it sounds. Thanks to tiny sensors in the remote, you can increase or lower the intensity of your toy with just a squeeze or by relaxing your grip. However, before you fill your shopping cart with new toys, make sure you remember a few key pointers.

  • Remember the remote: while it might be tempting to just use an app to control your toy, the remotes provided with the toys are often important Bluetooth anchors. That means you’ll need them to ensure sustained connectivity between all paired devices.
  • It’s a team effort: Using toys during sex can certainly help you take your excitement levels to a new level but don’t kick back completely. Orgasms and stimulation are just part of partner play, it’s also important to stay in the moment and focus on your partner.
  • Keep it clean: After using your toys, remember to clean them with a water-based lubricant like Pjur. This will ensure that they are safe to enjoy over and over again and will protect you and your partner from any unwanted bacteria.

Is there anything else to remember before using sex toys during sex?

The unique C-shape design certainly means that using these is a great way to ensure that both partners are stimulated by the toy. But it’s important to note that this might not be for everyone. Some people with a penis prefer less direct stimulation and may find this is a little overwhelming. In cases like these, we suggest keeping things external and trying a penis ring or even a bullet vibe instead. 

There’s no single toy style that suits literally everyone – everyone is unique and that includes our likes and dislikes. That’s why We-Vibe focuses on versatile and multi-faceted sex toys and vibrators that you can adapt to you and your partner’s needs. Curious about what the right toy for you is? Then start browsing and discover your new favorite now.