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  1. 25% off
    We-Vibe Tango
    Classic bullet vibrator
    As low as €59.00 Regular Price €79.00
  2. We-Vibe Chorus
    Ultimate couples vibrator
    As low as €199.00
  3. We-Vibe Wand
    Powerful wand massager
    Out of stock
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    We-Vibe Nova 2
    Rabbit vibrator
    Special Price €119.00 Regular Price €149.00
  5. We-Vibe Melt
    Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator
    As low as €149.00
  6. 40% off
    We-Vibe Nova
    Rabbit vibrator
    Special Price €89.00 Regular Price €149.00
  7. We-Vibe Rave
    Unique G-spot vibrator
  8. We-Vibe Moxie
    Wearable panty vibrator
    As low as €129.00
  9. We-Vibe Touch X
    Powerful mini massager
    As low as €99.00
  10. 35% off
    We-Vibe Sync
    Best selling couples vibrator
    As low as €129.00 Regular Price €199.00
  11. 39% off
    Anniversary Collection
    Sync & Tango combo set
    As low as €169.00 Regular Price €279.00
  12. Silver Delights Collection
    We-Vibe x Womanizer pleasure set
  13. We-Vibe Pivot
    Vibrating couples ring
  14. We-Vibe Bloom
    Vibrating kegel balls
  15. We-Vibe Tango X
    Intense bullet vibrator
    As low as €89.00
  16. 20% off
    We-Vibe Touch
    Classic mini massager
    Special Price €79.00 Regular Price €99.00
  17. We-Vibe Jive
    Wearable G-spot vibrator
    As low as €119.00
  18. We-Vibe Verge
    Vibrating perineum stimulator
  19. We-Vibe Vector
    Vibrating prostate massager
  20. Golden Moments Collection
    We-Vibe X Womanizer premium set
  21. We-Vibe Ditto
    Vibrating anal plug
    As low as €129.00
  22. We-Vibe Unite
    Classic couples vibrator
  23. We-Vibe Match
    Wearable couples vibrator
  24. 40% off
    Holiday Collection
    Sync & Touch Combo Set
    As low as €179.00 Regular Price €299.00
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    We-Vibe Wish
    PowerPulse clitoral vibrator
    Special Price €69.00 Regular Price €129.00
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Everything you should know about vibrators

Vibrators come in a number of shapes and varieties. If you are unsure of what one is right for you, the good news is that there is truly something for everyone!

What are anal vibrators?

While butt plugs and anal stimulators have been around for a long time, anal vibrators are increasingly popular. By adding vibrations to the mix when stimulating the anus, it is often easier for muscles to relax and stretch without discomfort.

This makes anal vibrators not only great for general anal play, but especially perfect for foreplay before anal sex.

What are clitoral vibrators?

Clitoral orgasms are much more common than vaginal orgasms, as the clitoris is external and often easier to stimulate. This means that clitoral vibrators are a popular choice for women globally. Clitoral vibrators can be quite compact too and a popular choice is the bullet vibrator, like Tango by We-Vibe.

What are internal vibrators?

Targeting the G-spot and sensitive vaginal walls, internal vibrators are often rod shaped and curved so that they match the lines of your body. By stimulating the G-spot, internal vibrators are useful in helping you enjoy a vaginal orgasm. These are usually longer lasting and more intense than clitoral orgasms.

Another example of internal vibrators is ben-wa balls and vaginal eggs. These are worn internally and can vibrate to stimulate the muscles of the vagina. These are not only worn for pleasure, but also to strengthen weak pelvic floor muscles.

What are dual vibrators?

A long-term classic, dual vibrators like the rabbit are a popular choice as they can provide twice the stimulation. By targeting both the clitoris and G-spot, dual vibrators can give users blended orgasms.