Remote Control Vibrators

Orgasms and better sex all with the touch of a button? Remote control vibrators are the incredible new way in which you can enjoy toys solo or with your partner. Take the acrobatics out of adjusting your toy’s intensity or vibe mode by simply controlling everything with the ease of a remote!

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How to Use a Remote Vibrator

Sex toys are a great way of giving your sensual moments a boost. No matter if you’re playing with your partner or taking some much deserved time to pamper yourself, adding a remote control vibrator to the mix is always a great idea. And with the wide range of toys available, the options for play are endless. Are you into anal play? Go for a vibrating plug like Vector. What about a toy that’s perfect for couples? We-Vibe Chorus is the right choice for you. Before you make the final choice on which toy to try first, find out a little more on remote controlled vibrators.

Does a remote vibrator always have a remote control?

Just take the remote control in your hand and control the sex toy as easily as if it were your TV? No problem at all. Sex toys like We-Vibe Sync, for example, come with a remote control that can be used to control the toy. The big advantage is that you don't have to squeeze the toy. In addition, your partner can also take control of your pleasure. As long as he or she gets hold of the remote control...

What is a wireless remote vibrator?

Smartphones and apps are without question important helpers in our everyday lives, and apps like the free We-Vibe App from We-Vibe are now bringing that to our bedroom. Use Bluetooth to connect We-Vibe App to your We-Vibe toy - and control it from your smartphone.

This is a great tool when having sex with a partner and during solo sex, as you can also use these apps to unlock other functions of your toy and control them over long distances.

What are the best remote control vibrators for women?

  • Clitoral Vibrators
  • Rabbit Vibrators
  • G spot stimulation
  • Vibrators for travel

What are the best remote control vibrators for men?

  • Penis Rings
  • Anal Toys

What are the best remote control vibrators for couples?

  • Couples Vibrators
  • Discreet public remote vibrators
  • We-Vibe App-friendly Vibrators

Can I use We-Vibe App with my remote vibrator?

If your toy is from We-Vibe, then it's likely to be compatible with We-Vibe App. To check again, check out the product page with the detailed features.

To connect your toy to the We-Vibe App, make sure that both are in connection mode. Once you've connected the toy and app via Bluetooth, you'll get a "Good to Go" message on your smartphone.

How do wireless remote vibrators work?

Technically, most of We-Vibe's app-controlled vibrators connect via Bluetooth.

Basically, using the sex toy with app function is pretty simple. You need one of our toys and the free We-Vibe App on your smartphone. It's available free of charge for iOS and Android.

And then? Then just follow these steps:

  • Press the pairing button on the toy and hold it down for 5 seconds until the toy pulses three times.
  • Open the We-Vibe App and click on "Connect Toy".
  • The app will now search for your Toy.
  • Heads up: In the iOS version of the app, users will be prompted to pair their smartphone with Apple via Bluetooth.
  • The app will show you when a connection has been established.
  • If the app detects more than one We-Vibe product nearby, you can select the one you want on the screen.

What modes are available on the remote vibrator We-Vibe App?

When you use the We-Vibe App, you can choose between different modes. Vibe mode is the default setting and allows you to customize the stimulation pattern and intensity. Other modes include Beat mode and Touch mode, which allow you to match the stimulation to the music and control the stimulation by swiping on the screen, respectively. You can read more about each mode in the manual.

Can I create a custom pattern for my remote vibrator?

With We-Vibe App you can create your own custom vibration patterns. To create a custom "vibration", once the Toy is paired, simply click on the pattern selection icon:

From there, simply click on Create Your Own Vibe:

Then draw your own pattern on the screen and save it. Now you can use it whenever you want!

How do I connect with my partner who is in another location?

With We-Vibe App you can control your partner's toys remotely. For distances greater than Bluetooth range, simply use the "Connect Partner" feature in We-Vibe App. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Pair the We-Vibe with your phone and make sure both partners have the latest version of the We-Vibe App installed on their smartphone.
  2. Now send your partner an invitation to connect by pressing the menu button in the top left corner of the phone screen and clicking 'Connect Partner'.
  3. If you have already connected to a partner and want to connect to another partner or refresh the session: Please go to Menu -> Settings -> Remove Partner before clicking 'Connect to Partner'.
  4. Your partner can accept the invitation by following the link in the message.
  5. When your partner has accepted the pairing request, a green notification bubble will appear on the partner icon at the top of the control screen.
  6. Click the partner icon, and your partner will be asked if they want to connect with you. After your partner accepts the request, they will be able to control your We-Vibe toy.

Why is We-Vibe Chorus such a unique remote control vibrator?

Our app-controlled couples' remote control vibrator Chorus is an exception. Instead of using Bluetooth, the toy connects to your smartphone using the new Ankorlink connectivity technology. The Squeeze Remote acts as an "anchor". So keep it with you at all times. What's special about AnkorLink: The technology enables wireless communication through water. This means that connectivity between the smartphone and the toy is always guaranteed. This is especially nice if you want to use the We-Vibe Chorus in the bathtub.

Why should I buy a long distance remote control vibrator?

If you feel like making your love life a little more exciting, an app or vibrator with remote control is a good first step. Not only because your partner can take control of your Toy, but also because there are some features that make your Toy even more tingly.

Sex toy apps like We-Vibe App, for example, offer you Beat Mode, which lets you tune your vibration patterns to your favorite song. This way, you can feel the rhythm you want to feel. You also have the option to create individual vibration patterns. Tailor your perfect orgasm to you!

Other applications like audio or video chat allow you to share your experience with each other - as well as your reaction to the toy. Time to try a vibrator with remote control, right?