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  1. -40%
    Holiday Collection
    Sync & Touch Combo Set
    As low as €179.00 Regular Price €299.00
  2. Silver Delights Collection
    We-Vibe x Womanizer pleasure set
  3. -39%
    Anniversary Collection
    Sync & Tango combo set
    As low as €169.00 Regular Price €279.00
  4. Golden Moments Collection
    We-Vibe X Womanizer premium set
  5. Tango Pleasure Mate Collection
    The ultimate all-in-one pleasure set
  6. -50%
     The Ins-And-Outs Collection
    Sync & InsideOut Partner-Set
    €199.00 Regular Price €398.00
  7. -28%
    The Power Couple Collection
    Ion & Sync Couples’ Pleasure Set
    €279.00 Regular Price €388.00
  8. -34%
    The Two’s Company Collection
    Classic & Touch clitoral Set
    €149.00 Regular Price €228.00
8 Items
Set Descending Direction
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All You Need to Know About Sex Toy Sets

Picking up sex toys in a set can not only save you dollars and time spent shopping, but it can also encourage you to try a toy you might not normally consider. Let’s look at which sex toy set might be right for you!

What are good sex toy sets for her?

The best thing about sex toys in a set is the chance to give some real variety.