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    Bring home better Feng Shui with pleasure toys

Feng Shui & Pleasure: Discover the Connection

Play the video to learn more about the deep wellness connection between We-Vibe sex toys and Feng Shui. Thierry will also share her tips to bring home better energy.​
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What is the connection between Feng Shui and pleasure products?

Using the 5-element feng shui system; including earth, metal, water, wood and fire coming from Taoist philosophy, Thierry wants you to embark on a journey of self-discovery with the help of We-Vibe products by engaging the Feng Shui concept of bridging external and internal energies.

An external object, in this case a We-Vibe product, improves our internal energy, and therefore our sense of well-being.

Apart from the natural colors and organic shapes of We-Vibe, Thierry uses the bagua, or the “energy map” used by Feng Shui masters, to explain which “directions” or places in our homes can best fit We-Vibe sex toys to foster energy exchange, love and intimacy.

Tango X

Tango X combines a super powerful motor and angled tip, allowing you to hit your sweet spots with pinpoint accuracy. Its ergonomic handle means it never slips. According to Feng Shui, getting the red version will increase passion in your life. Keep it in the kitchen for an extra energy boost!​
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Touch X

Touch X is a versatile lay-on vibrator that can offer anything from relaxing body massages to blissful erogenous zone stimulation. According to Feng Shui, the green version will boost growth for you and your partner!
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